Monday, March 21, 2011

Patrick Tsai's 7 Day Diary

Patrick Tsai was in Tokyo when the earthquake hit on March 11.

The other day a friend led me to his 7 Day Diary, a beautiful and haunting account of what it is like to be there right now.

All of a sudden, a businessman grabbed my arm and said in Japanese angrily said, “What are you taking photos of?” I was quite surprised, so I looked at everyone one around me who moments before were also taking photos with their iPhones and shitty digital cameras… and now they were looking at me like I was a criminal. He asked me again, “What are you taking photos of?” I knew I couldn’t explain to a businessman, or a normal person for that matter, that the light looked nice… so I mumbled some lame answer even though I was pissed off for being grabbed.

Read the rest here.

Images: Patrick Tsai, from Talking Barnacles