Monday, March 21, 2011

Making Time : Carson Fisk-Vittori

Do you have a day job? What is it?

I recently started working at a commercial art gallery in Chicago. I am also an artist assistant, and I co-manage an artist studio building.

Do the people you work with know you are a photographer?

Since all of my jobs are art related many of my co-workers are aware that I am a photographer. I also take photos as part of my job. Most of my time is consumed with art in one way or another.

Does the work you do during the day affect your personal work?

I used to babysit a lot to make ends meet. Working with kids definitely inspired me, you can really see their creative minds at work, and they make the most unbelievable things out of whatever is around them, like it's nothing. As far as my art related jobs, I am glad to be in a supportive community, and I meet a lot of artists and mentors.

If you could rearrange your time, what would be the ideal balance between your personal and professional work?

Ideally I would like to work professionally somewhere where I am learning skills for my own practice, which is currently true in terms of administrative experience. It is also important to me to have a job that allows me the flexibility to travel, go to residencies, and is overall supportive of my art practice. I would also love to have more money and time to spend on developing design related projects to eventually support myself from.

Images: Carson Fisk Vittori

Top to bottom: Star shower (2011), Fundies (2010), Composition with Dandelions (2010)