Monday, January 1, 2007

guide to amazing films about photography • part one

[left to right: eyes of laura mars with faye dunaway. antonioni's classic blow-up. a snake of june by japanese director tsukamoto.]

eyes of laura mars. 1978.

suddenly fashion photographer laura mars can see through the eyes of a serial killer as he commits his crimes! who could the killer be? directed by irvin kershner. starring faye dunaway, tommy lee jones. you can see the trailer above by clicking the arrow. you can read the ny times movie review from 1978 here.

blow-up. 1966.

a fashion photographer frolics with young models, then meets a mysterious woman. he takes a photo in the park. when he develops it a murder unravels. directed by michelangelo antonioni. starring vanessa redgrave, david hemmings, jane birkin. you can see the trailer above by clicking the arrow. read more about the film here.

a snake of june (rokugatsu no hebi). 2002.

a creepy and kinky tale of voyeurism. a woman receives a disturbing package in the mail. a photographer is stalking her. directed by shinya tsukamoto. starring asuka kurosawa, yuji kohtari. see the trailer here. read more about the film here.

[ trailers via youtube.]