Sunday, December 31, 2006

blommers + schumm • class of '98

anuschka blommers and niels schumm are dutch fashion photographers of the best sort. for this body of work, class of '98, they manage to shatter the usual illusion and fantasy of fashion work by showing us a true glimmer of terror in the eyes of a handful of young up-and-coming british models. the styling here is so totally brilliant in an abject kind of way. you can't help but wonder if these girls went on to successful modeling careers or if they were scarred for life by these pictures.

blommers and schumm have been published in blvd, purple, i-d, self service, re, and more. earlier this year a retrospective of their work was held at the groninger museum in the netherlands. they are represented by solar photography. also see more of their work here.

[all blommers + schumm. from the class of '98 series. 1998.]