Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Today I'd like to reblog some highly reblog dependent content from the R-U-In?S network and beyond.


This is a project I started a few years ago that uses Tumblr.com and other platforms primarily to produce critical visual memes, immediate ruins, and product artifacts (among other things). It queries the gaze and infrastructure of databases, archives, social networks, brands, empires, equipment, trade routes, etc., and is open to participation. In order to establish an exchange route a user must follow the signal over time to learn the themes, methods, and language, then figure out ways to invent, support, or specialize in specific areas. Inside Tumblr this small "research clique" has produced its own localized and evolving lexicon/dialect through primarily image-based call and response.

The open-ended project is now in its third year, with a tight little ecosystem of about 20-50 active participants around the world. After the first year I compiled a catalogue of the products of our interaction, presented as a journal of visual essays.

R-U-In?S Catalogue #001 - Activity from 2009, Released 2010

Since a calendar year is an eternity in internet time, after the release of the catalogue the project spun out into many different directions. New participants joined in, new outside sources began re-blogging and re-framing us, and the meta premise of the project continued to shift. After the activity of 2010 we've started to use the url, R-U-INS.ORG, for the second phase of cataloguing, titled "R-U-In?S Unboxing Mode". This url is updated constantly to reflect the real-time speed of the project's material changes, as the resulting product and packaging continue to morph.

Some texts surrounding the project:
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