Thursday, February 10, 2011

the 770 show • sean mcfarland

in the studio sean mcfarland looks through hundreds of photographs a day. some are his own, some are in books, and some he finds on the internet. with each image, there's an invitation into a world outside his own and for sean, photographs and books have always functioned as a way of travel, be it through image or story. when perusing the busy, urban adobe bookstore he came upon "the redwoods" by richard st. barbe baker. the trees on the book's cover instantaneously reminded sean of his many trips spent among the giant redwoods, and in a way, he could almost smell the forest and feel its mist. certainly, a far cry from the sometimes overwhelming bookstore in san francisco's active mission district. in response, sean made a photograph that depicts what he thought it would feel like to be in the places on the pages of this book.

image 1: cover of "the redwoods" by richard st. barbe baker
image 2: interior page of "the redwoods"
image 3:"redwoods and sun", sean mcfarland, 2011, unique polaroid