Friday, February 11, 2011

the 770 show • paul schiek

when paul schiek was asked to be a part of the 770 show, he immediately thought of his friend, artist ofer wolberger's latest project, called "covers". ofer xeroxed old, cloth-bound book covers creating a complete black and white book. by isolating each book title and removing it from its literary context, ofer allowed the simplicity of the word, the font, and the design to reveal itself. inspired by the poetic purity of "covers", paul explicitly sought out books in the adobe stacks with unique titles and through a sort-of xerox collage, created three phrases that, in a sense, describe paul's thinking about
his artistic and professional practice (making both pictures and books): "follow this fanny-to the bitter end", "american labor-to the bitter end," and "the old glory-to the bitter end".

for more information on ofer wolberger's "covers" book (which we highly recommend), please visit:

image 1: paul's chosen books on the shelf at adobe books backroom gallery
image 2: paul schiek,
"american labor-to the bitter end," 2011
image 3: paul schiek,
"the old glory-to the bitter end," 2011
image 4: paul schiek, "
follow this fanny-to the bitter end," 2011