Sunday, January 30, 2011

Georg Gatsas

'I found photographs' – Georg Gatsas. See More of his work here

What do you do?
I am an artist and work mostly with the medium photography. I try to be as open, aware and curious as possible of what's going on in this world.

Where did you find these pictures and why do you keep them?
I found these pictures in the basement of my grandmother's house, right after she died in March 2009. This is just a small selection of about 400 pictures, all packed in a small box. They were shot between 1946 and 1947, in the countryside of Switzerland. I think they were shot by a family member of mine as they were all shot around the village deli that my grandmother was running. I think they look quite amazing since they are shot totally different than regular pictures people took around that time. I want to compile a book with a selection of 80 pictures. The series is called "Grandmother's Box", a dedication to her. I think the book with these pictures are important as they tell a different story from the rural Swiss countryside in the 40ies. I let them scan and took the brown color out. They look pretty fresh now.

These three pictures were part of the group exhibition "What Sticks" at the BolteLang gallery in Zurich, with Vanessa Billy and Daniel Gustav Cramer. See more information here