Friday, August 29, 2008

anett stuth

work by anett stuth. see more here.

[all anett stuth. 2006. top to bottom: glashaus. zauberberg. räume xi insel.]

šejla kamerić

work by šejla kamerić. see more here.

[all šejla kamerić. top to bottom: 30 years after. 2006. (video still from) dreamhouse. 2002. green. 2007.]

dawit l. petros

dawit l. petros photographs the newly settled african diaspora in canada and the united states. see more here.

[all dawit l. petros. from the series reinscriptions. top to bottom: elias and amal. 2004. prairie. 2005.]

Thursday, August 28, 2008

rachel howe

rachel howe's work plays with the bizarre aesthetics of halloween. see more here.

[all rachel howe. 2007. top to bottom: dracula. double cobwebs. dracula.]

geoffrey cottenceau + romain rousset

jeanette + igor by geoffrey cottenceau + romain rousset. see more here.

[all geoffrey cottenceau + romain rousset. jeanette + igor. for sleek magazine. 2007.]

kara hearn

work by kara hearn. take a peek at more here. thanks to asha for the link.

[all kara hearn. from the series scenarios.]

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

archive • crashed cars of kuwait 2005

a flickr user named psycho milt spent a few years taking pictures of crashed cars he came across in kuwait, then wrote a little story about each one. it's a grisly, bizzare collection. see more here.

[all from crashed cars of kuwait 2005 by psycho milt.]

archive is a weekly column by asha schechter that appears each wednesday on i heart photograph.

daniel pflumm

work by daniel pflumm. see more here.

[all daniel pflumm. top to bottom: 4(o.t.). cnn208.jpg. neuat.jpg.]

jada vogt

work by jada vogt. see more here.

[all jada vogt. untitled.]

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

anna lundh

swedish artist anna lundh's 'hollywood internet.' as she explains about the project, "a collage of footage from various hollywood movies from mid-90s and on, where internet is portrayed. what is shown is obviously not the real internet, but rather a meta internet, fabricated to work in favor of a certain plot or narrative. the imagery isn't necessarily very authentic, yet we have no difficulty interpreting this imaginary aesthetic." see more here.

[all anna lundh. stills from the video collage hollywood internet.]

løber nøgen

løber nøgen (which means "running naked" in danish) is an artistic community founded at fatamorgana, the danish school of art photography in copenhagen in august 2006. the core of løber nøgen consists of six photographers hailing from france, norway and denmark. see more of their work here.

[all løber nøgen. top to bottom: the wall. the beach. the harbour.]

Monday, August 25, 2008

roula partheniou

work by roula partheniou. "a gray-scaled version of the rubik's cube forms the basis for this project, which takes the format of a sculptural document. 100 cubes are stacked in 100 different possible variations, limited to a 6 x 6 x 4 cube base..." see more here and a portion of the project in person here.

[all roula partheniou. from 100 variations. (100 altered rubik's cubes). 2008]

rona chang

work by rona chang. see more here.

[all rona chang. fixing the colosseum, macau, china, 2008. fireworks, kuanyin, taiwan, 2008. all from moving forward, standing still.]

tejal shah

tejal shah's work looks at highest aspirations of femininity within the hijra community in india. see more here.

[all tejal shah. southern siren, 2007. you too can touch the moon, 2007.]

opening sept 4th: the form itself

at Priska C. Juschka Fine Art

Curated by Michael Bühler-Rose

September 4 - October 11, 2008
Opening reception: Thursday, September 4, 6 - 9 PM

Talia Chetrit, Adrian Crabbs, Joy Drury Cox, Van Hanos, David Haxton, Matt Johnson, Ryan Kitson, Roula Partheniou and Austin Willis.

Priska C. Juschka Fine Art
547 West 27th Street,2nd Floor; New York, NY 10001

Priska C. Juschka Fine Art is pleased to present The Form Itself, curated by Michael Bühler-Rose. The artists in this exhibition engage a variety of mediums in a self-reflective dialogue on the potential and purity of their respective discipline’s forms.

David Haxton and Talia Chetrit both tinker in photographic alchemy. Chetrit reduces photography to its purest element, light, in the form of primary colors and black and white test strips. Haxton records the remnants of performances that investigate the way light creates photographic space.

Adrian Crabbs utilizes a shipping pallet as a printing plate, placing a standard item directly into the art making process. Stripping job applications to their compositional essentials, Joy Drury Cox’s drawings point to the standard institutional space that is between the lines of all potential employment. Through the video recording of chromatic scales, Austin Willis lays bare the basics of video, image and sound, and creates a unique composition that uses his library of footage.

Van Hanos, Matt Johnson, Ryan Kitson and Roula Partheniou create perceptually challenging works that investigate the potential of a variety of visual conventions. Hanos uses faux marbleizing and Venetian plaster techniques that connects abstract painting to a new form of Modernism. Johnson’s work at first reads as an abstract image, but is actually a “Magic Eye” camouflaging a wholly figurative solution. Kitson uses an everyday object to create both a conceptually and emotionally engaging sculpture. Partheniou’s projects challenge the possibilities of standard forms with ready-made canvases representing items of the same dimensions, and Rubik’s cubes forming conceptual sculpture.

top: David Haxton, White with Many Holes, Lit from The Front and Magenta with Many Holes lit From Behind, 2005.
middle: Matt Johnson, Snake Charmer, 2008.
bottom: Talia Chetrit, Primary Colors Flash at Black, 2008. Primary Colors Flashed at Black, 2008.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Marina Gadonneix

marina gadonneix's photographs of film and television stages cut through the illusion of green screens and color bars leaving you only with the "man behind the curtain". see more here.

[all marina gadonneix. from remote control, 2006: mire#1. mire#8. from removed landscapes, 2006: seasight seat. tribune on an icefield.]