Wednesday, February 13, 2008

tehnica schweiz

tehnica schweiz is the hungarian duo gergely lászló + péter rákosi. they have been collaborating since 2004, and for this project they collected drawings of suspects from a hungarian police magazine and then found people to photograph who fit the descriptions. as they explain: "the drawings are done by trained experts (police artists) by hand or with the help of a specialized software. these pictures are usually based on testimonies of several eye-witnesses. they don't intend to depict the split-image of the offender, but to emphasize special characteristics on the delinquent's body or/and face. ...for each drawing we were looking for a model who would carry characteristics similar to the drawn person. these people we took portraits of with a large format camera." take a look at more of tehnica schweiz's stuff right here.

[all tehnica schweiz. from the series identikit photographs. 2006.]