Tuesday, May 22, 2007

5 things • paul schiek

paul schiek must be an incredibly busy guy. he takes cool pictures, is the man behind the great subscription book series over at these birds walk, and rumor has it is even starting up his own photo magazine. he revealed the following 5 things as some of his favorite in the whole wide world.

you can take a look at the books he publishes here. see a previous post about a book that's part of his subscription series here. take a peek at paul's photos here. and check out his blog right here.

1/ self service magazine

this is a great magazine. i look forward to self service at all times. it has the best interviews with people who sometimes i've never heard of but are super culturally influential. purple is a good one too, but this i think is my favorite...

2/ 'this photograph is my proof' and 'the illuminated man' by duane michaels

not sure which one i love more. and for the record i don't love duane michaels just these two images. i don't know and don't care why. they are just my favorites.

3/ boys life - departures and landfalls lp

i'm not really going to say i listen to this record any more but there was a time in my life when i thought i would every day for the rest of my life. despite loving the music at the time, the band was dealing with a style and aesthetic that i think will forever inform me.

4/ my boots

i'm not ashamed to say this is only a sampling of my boots/shoes. i take them seriously. none of them are favorites. they are all equals.

5/ stumptown coffee

this is the best coffee i have ever had and the location in the lobby of the ace hotel is pretty great. the hotel is cool but almost over the top...its got a vintage record player and a photo booth in the lobby. if you're in portland, you can chill here and not feel like you're totally in portland.