Tuesday, April 24, 2007

adriaan van der ploeg

i quite like this project by dutch photographer adriaan van der ploeg called LMIRL, which stands for let's meet in real life. the pictures are all members of online-gaming communities in holland and belgium, and the titles for each portrait are their screen names. as his gallery puts it so nicely in the press release, the photographer "lured young men and pubescent boys away from their computers and took pictures of them. the gamers' disconnected gaze, bloodshot eyes, chapped lips and their pale, impure skin are reproduced razor-sharp in the photographs and do not really flatter their objects." see more of adriaan's work here. and for those of you in zürich, an exhibition is of this work is up at haas + fischer through may 26th.

[all adriaan van der ploeg. from the series LMIRL. top to bottom: darkshadow. blackwolf. bear. multykiller. xiin.]