Thursday, October 13, 2011

Karolina Karlic

Body Shop Boys, Metro Detroit, Michigan

These images are from Karolina's series ELEMENTARZ. In her words:

"ELEMENTARZ (2010), tracks the reach of the U.S. auto industry (stretching from Detroit to California to Eastern Europe, where my father implemented new industrial plants) while depicting the efforts at communication between engineer father and artist daughter. Both images and excerpts of conversation allude to fractured ideologies of individual worth, religion and family, while signs of car culture mixed with evidence of economic plight recur. A mood of longing pervades ELEMENTARZ, coupled with absentminded dreaming, characteristic of both Eastern European immigrants and African Americans of the Great Migration."

Mason Motors Thunderbird, Excelsior, Minnesota

Father and Son, Preston, Mississippi

Here's one excerpted conversation from her publication ELEMENTARZ:

It was long time since we talk together. I missed you. I hope that everything is OK with you and your project(s)? I am really busy here - too many things too less resources. Nevertheless, we all here have very nice problem -we have too much work and customer orders. People are very nice. Everything looks here strange and grey. Life is simple for me - work and hotel. I missed badly my wife and my daughters. I am hoping that I could get back to Detroit next Saturday. Original plan was to fly back tomorrow but I have a lot of problems with some machinery here and had to stay here longer.
I will try to call you tomorrow. Stay in touch.

Father Shaving Nr. 1

Father Shaving Nr. 2

Father Shaving Nr. 3

Strawberries on White Satin Sheet, Wroclaw, Poland

Factory - west end, Swindnica
Installation view of Factory - west end, Swindnica

Mother in red dress, Krasnik

Fiat, Wroclaw

Father before the storm, Garbatka

You can see more of her work here.