Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gwenneth Boelens

Hand-Wall, 2007, 16 mm film (original) or digitized on monitor, duration 4 min 35 s
 "Scanning the environment by eye-sight is an essential characteristic of Boelens’ work and taken literally in her filmic work Hand-Wall. As if to ascertain over and over again the limitations and restrictions, a person’s hand wanders along the walls and the windows of an undefined room. As the eye follows this movement a loose impression emerges – a feeling of the space that nevertheless remains insecure and is additionally interrupted by the look outside." (from The Entire Business of Coming Closer press release 2008)

Installation view Klemm's, Berlin

Negative. Rather than Truth, 2010, wood from reproduction table, ceramic notepad, magnifying glass, metal, crayon on glass, ink-jet prints, 68 x 58 x 74 cm   "Negative. Rather than Truth alludes to the idea of a source image through a handmade negative. The title refers to its status; it is an attempt to get to a distillment of reality. It did not yet materialize as an image; it rather precedes the image." 
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