Monday, October 3, 2011

guest blogger • lisa gonzalez

welcome guest blogger lisa gonzalez. as she describes the starting point for what she will contribute to i heart photograph this week: "i’ve been interested in exploring the reasons as to what makes it difficult, and some times pleasurable, to look at images depicting death, danger, suffering, or the grotesque. the photograph allows the viewer to safely examine a scene, an event, or an object removed from the threat such subjects impose. the photograph becomes a safe platform in which the viewer can examine the subject, but not have to actively participate, or be the subject. i'll choose work that deals with subjects that allude to death, the body, and mortality, in some capacity. but, these photographers go beyond the documentation of those themes, and present their subjects as approachable and almost inviting." see some of lisa's own work here.

[lisa gonzalez. from the series homes.]