Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Third Space of a Photograph or the Not-Not Photograph

Since I have been in Kassel working for dOCUMENTA(13) within the publications department, where we have been working on the series, 100 Thoughts-100 Notes, which are a series of notebooks, essays, thoughts, ideas, drawings, sketches that act as a prelude to the exhibition itself, I have been considering how to construct a series of encapsulated ideas that are not yet fully solidified as an argument. Is there a way to point to a constellation of thoughts through this online format that could simultaneously, when all the images, text, and links are placed together, that would create a pathway that could lead you in and out of these thoughts?
I have compiled a group of artists who use the not-not-ness of a photograph and the third space of the photograph. I will be showcasing a series of photographs that are thought of as less of photographs, and more of sketches, drawings, or even evidence. I am particular interested in works that exist, and are not really even considered works, in between a note or a thought, and a fully formed sentence. Each selected artist thinks of the image in various ways, and predominately the ideas that are showcased here are not ones you would find in a gallery (of course there are exceptions, as with any rule, you have to break the ones you make for yourself), but rather these images are thought of in the third space of sculpture, or as a prelude to the object itself.

[image: 100 Thoughts-100 Notes]