Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Parking Lot In Rome

Jeff Williams creates phenomenological spatial and object based interventions. His photographs represent something that looks like a William’s intervention. In fact, they are just a happenstance moment that he witnessed. He uses these naturally occurring idioms as tools for ideas, and does not think of them as photographs for exhibition in the traditional sense. What I realized about this division for Williams is that the photograph becomes the learning or teaching device for looking and examining the cracks, ruptures, happenstance moments that we all experience where an object or a situation appears off kilter or has disrupted the spatial properties of another object. In this way, as with the rest of Williams’ practice, photography, rather then being the historical, scientific experimentation object that it once was, becomes the witness to either the natural or man-made occurrence of something found say in a parking lot in Rome or on window in an airport terminal.

[images: Jeff Williams]