Saturday, August 13, 2011

hito steyerl • strike

"originally, strike workers were excess laborers in the early soviet union. the term is derived from the expression 'udarny trud' for 'superproductive, enthusiastic labor' (udar for 'shock, strike, blow'). now, transferred to present-day cultural factories, strike work relates to the sensual dimension of shock. rather than painting, welding, and molding, artistic strike work consists of ripping, chatting, and posing. this accelerated form of artistic production creates punch and glitz, sensation and impact. its historical origin as format for stalinist model brigades brings an additional edge to the paradigm of hyperproductivity. strike workers churn out feelings, perception, and distinction in all possible sizes and variations. intensity or evacuation, sublime or crap, readymade or readymade reality—strike work supplies consumers with all they never knew they wanted." more here.

[all hito steyerl. STRIKE. 2010.]