Friday, June 10, 2011

day 5

This is a collaboration between Leslie Grant and Warren Hill. Leslie sent Warren photographs each day, and he responded with a song. Then Warren sent Leslie a song, and she responded with a photograph...

Dear Warren, Do you remember Judith, my Dutch friend who lived in NYC for a bit one summer? I’m not sure if you met her or not. She’s the one I swapped apartments with a few summers ago, and that’s when we figured out we’re so similar, like the mirror for each other. These three photographs are from a series called &Leslie were funded by, and shown by permission of, the BouwinBeeldprijs. Judith van Ijken

Tomorrow - Dino Valente (Self Titled LP, Epic Records, 1968)

Dear Leslie, Found this in a used book store on a recent trip through Nashville. Strange, cause that's a pretty far way from the Inuit of Northern Quebec. There's a bunch of videos on the internet of groups of guys still playing this kind of music in tiny cabins. Apirqusupagit (Marry Me Though I Am Not Rich) - The Sikimiut

Found Photograph, Vienna, Austria