Wednesday, May 18, 2011

intersections: new still lifes

i always find it really interesting when visual themes recur in contemporary photography. surely this has always been the case in art, but the fact that posting and discussing images online makes the process so much faster and more transparent offers opportunities to create real conversations.

still lifes are a good example because they've been omnipresent in art as far back as ancient rome (early memes?). today's interpretations might poke a bit ironically at the trope (which has been poked at for at least 100 years already), but they're also not going away. (many more of them have been posted on this blog, too.)

i like to see images like these by different photographers as in dialogue with each other.
this week, i'll post some of the intersections i find.

[above, top to bottom: jérémie egry, kathryn parker almanas, roe ethridge, and holger niehaus.]