Monday, April 11, 2011



Sarah Charlesworth - Devil (from the Neverland series), 2002
Gregory Halpern - from his book Omaha Sketchbook, 2005/2009
Annette Kelm - Yellow (Paisley), 2010
Wolfgang Tillmans - Freischwimmer 155, 2010
Boru O'Brien O'Connell - Night Moves (After Fresh Blueberry Pancake), 2008
John Opera - C-3, 2010 "Anthotype (Pokeberry)"


Jessica Eaton - cfaal 113, 2011
Calvin Lee - Rainbows, 2010
Roe Ethridge - Old Phone and Neon Rainbow, 2006


Taisuke Koyama - Melting Rainbows (to purchase visit Koyama's blog / to view samples from the series go here)
Cory Arcangel's Colors Personal Edition. More from Arcangel:
"OSX application used for playing quicktime movies one horizontal line at a time (aka slit scan). In a rare alignment of my lack of imagination & my quest for the lowest common denominator I used it to play the the movie “Colors” (which became an “artwork” of mine) but you can use it to play whatever you want………."
Download HERE
Paper Rad's YouTube Channel (lots of "rainbow" video)
Ugo Rondinone - Where Do We Go From Here, 1999 (more work here)