Saturday, March 19, 2011

museum directors by karsh of ottawa

images scanned from the book Photography in the Fine Arts, a catalogue from the 1965 world's fair in which eleven museum directors served as a jury for a fine art photography exhibition.

from the introduction:

"Here presented are eleven eminent directors of leading art museums of our country. Portrayed by Karsh of Ottawa in the settings of their own museums and surrounded by important art objects, these men state their credos of art generally and of photography in particular. These are the philosophies that guide the museum directors who acquire, present and protect for us art and for the ages and who play host to millions of visitors to American museums annually.
Also included in the exhibition are the personal choices of the directors made from the Photography in the Fine Arts collection of creative photographs."
the individual choices of the directors were presented in separates units each built around a center panel bearing their 30x40 inch portrait.

from top:
Richard E. Fuller, Seattle Museum of Art
Thomas S. Buechner, The Brooklyn Museum
Perry T. Rathbone, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
John Walker, National Gallery of Art
Bartlett H. Hayes, Jr., Addison Gallery of American Art
James J. Rorimer, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Karsh at work