Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mistranslated audio to text transcriptions of people describing a photograph they like. #3

Hi. This is Jesse, I'm calling to describe. A photo of kemker dash in reason issue W magazine. The photo Give me a picture discovered in silver paint something on next down. 2 presumably is or feet. Although everything beyond hersize is obscurity. She's position and sort of have twists faces turned around, for the camera and her back in rare anything directly toward us, everything about our figures suggest an absurd enormity. Her hair is extremely long almostabsurd please And get it in proportion to the other parts of the for your which in turn also quite enormous her breast. Report sort of size all. At the same. Hello. Dimension, and of course start, appreciate it, sir thrashes or behind, whichis quite simply, enormous and strained our sense of proportion. And And also what is attractive female farm It is I wonder. Really the hold. The Silver pain is also interesting,Jess hey kind of thing. Bronze in the store. It's meant to convey. Perhaps that she is the specimen to be reflected on later on. 5. Future Generations my jazz Michelangelo was 4. Later museum dollars or her babies shoes or a bronzefor their parents to reflect the time, travel to use. And so perhaps that's the meeting of the silver and which interestingly, covers everything better face, which is the only really normal part. For a figure. It is on remarkable and. You Knowbeautiful without seeing any way spectacular. And perhaps that is also why it is last, out of the silver paint conceit, other than that. I have a little more to say other than it's a deal for the rest quite possibly pornographic but alsoarguably artistic and certainly one that is easy to remember for anyone who's at the chance and why. 2 see it. Hey, that's all. Goodbye.