Sunday, March 27, 2011

Final Links + Notes

First, a big thanks to everyone for reading along this week!

Some quick info about me to give the posts some perspective:

Since graduating with a BFA in 2008, I have worked two-full time jobs in NYC. One was at a historical experimental arts non-profit and the other at a small for-profit company. I've also been freelancing doing everything from commercial photography to teaching computers to an art therapist. I've learned a lot of different and unique things from these jobs. However, I have ultimately been unable to find quite the right balance between my artistic and work lives.

To help figure out how to do this, I'm returning to school this fall in Oslo to pursue my MFA. While there my goals are to gain a better understanding of both the history and the future of the art academy / figure out how to live a modest yet full artistic life. More and more I have been thinking this is possible completely outside of the realm of the traditional "art world".

The posts this week are also sort of a test-run for a larger project of interviews, videos, and an extensive public database of opportunities for artists. I am very grateful to everyone who wrote something this week and if anyone else is interested in helping with the long-term project, please get in touch!

Some links to further readings and research:

1. Raqs Media Collective : How To Be An Artist At Night *

2. ...which is from this book

3. Day Job at The Drawing Center (recently closed, catalog available) + artnet review

4. A place to bid on art + a place to buy objects to help Japan

5. Two great Japan-centric Australian blogs: ii-ne-kore + Hello Sandwich

6. A very inspiring story from Japan + an interesting article (and comments) about donating money

Over and out,

Image: Jessica Williams

* Thanks to DZ for the PDF link!