Thursday, February 17, 2011

Lenox-Lenox/Lauren Elder


"BLUE-MATTER utilizes the structure of a design firm in order to propose body-specific objects that act as aids for future events. These products intend to protect the body and reinstate satisfactory living, causing the viewer/consumer to contemplate current/future events, the consequences of said events on the body, and the inherent economic restrictions associated with consumer society."

"An infomercial suggests the designs’ tangibility –– the objects nevertheless remain in a virtual state. The two realities have the potential to merge, yet, like the proposed objects, their amalgamation is incomplete. The objects remain in an idolized, impenetrable state in which the body strives to subsist. Similarly, vacuum-formed objects act as mock-ups for the deficient objects, emphasizing their in-progress state. Like imperfect blueprints, these plastic forms operate as abstracted drawings for manufactured products."

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