Monday, February 21, 2011

guest blogger • ryan barone

big hello to guest blogger ryan barone. as he describes his contribution of stock photography that will unfold this week: "roe ethridge once spoke of what he called 'the plastic capability of the image.' he said, 'it's the same image whether it's illustrating a text or has a caption, on the walls or on a bus stop. i like the fact that photography is ubiquitous and polymorphic, that it can be for the specialist or the dilettante or sometimes both at the same time.' stock photographs are created with this plasticity in mind; they are, by design, empty vessels neither wholly ambiguous or direct. do you know who photographed 'the parked domain girl'? dustin steller. did you know that the subject's name is hannah? does it matter?" see more of ryan's work here.

[ryan barone. the metamorphosis. 2010.]