Sunday, February 13, 2011

the 770 show • kelli yon

in the adobe books stacks, kelli yon found the book, "alien contact: the first fifty years" by jenny randles. on page 30 is a vivid image of a disc-shaped object over san francisco taken on october 10, 1956. this picture sparked an endeavor for kelli-she began training immediately to become a san francisco ufo field investigator for mufon (mutual ufo network). in early january 2011, a sighting was reported (mufon case # 27230) in san francisco's hayes valley neighborhood and as part of her research, kelli visited the location in hopes of encountering the unusual.

image 1: CA: UFO Alert 3, 2011, newsprint takeaway
image 2: page 30 from "alien contact: the first fifty years" (ufo over san francisco, 1956)