Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mexico City Diaries No. 005: María José Cuevas

Images by María José Cuevas, from her series Bellas de Noche — film stills from a documentary to come:

“Seven great and powerful vedettes, all of whom witnessed the low and dark world of politics, society, and entertainment of Mexico during the 70s and 80s. Today, their reign has ended and their lives are marked by scandals and tragedies. Sasha Montenegro, Princess Yamal, Rossy Mendoza, Olga Breeskin, Lyn May and Wanda Seux define an important and peculiar period in the history of Mexico.”

This is Maria José’s first documentary, now in the final stages of filming. I saw a 15 minute trailer a few weeks ago and I was very (!) impressed with her work. It will be a fantastic film: a wonderful mix of surreality and poignancy, with a good dose of both humor and sadness. The tale of Mexican politics and life-style through very strange and particular lenses.

Download a PDF and read more about her project here on the Tabloide website.

(Produced by The Lift, wonderful patrons of Tóxico, and photographed by Mark Powell, another Tóxico accomplice)