Thursday, November 25, 2010

Mexico City Diaries No. 003: Orson Welles

orson welles spent almost 30 years of his life trying to complete a film: his own version of the quixote. he died trying, becoming somewhat a quixote himself in the process. click here to see what has been called 'the 6 most beautiful minutes in the history of cinema' -- filmed in a movie theater in mexico city, back in the days. (it plays right after an interesting conversation with jonathan rosenbaum, stay patient.)

and click here to see another wonderful fragment.


"What shall we do with our fantasies? Love them, believe them–to the point where we have to deface, to destroy them (that is perhaps the meaning of the films of Orson Welles). But when they prove in the end to be empty and unfulfilled, when they show the void from which they were made, then it is time to pay the price for their truth, to understand that Dulcinea–whom we saved–cannot love us."

- Giorgio Agamben, Profanations