Thursday, November 4, 2010

Artie Vierkant at Preteen

I've been waiting for a show at Preteen not to have an obnoxiously 'edgy' exhibition title for a while now.
My prayers were answered.

Artie Vierkant

Hermosillo, Mexico
6 Nov 2010


… PROPER is the most subjective tag in the scene, and a lot of people will generally argue whether the PROPER is better than the original release. A lot of groups release PROPERS just out of desperation due to losing the race. A reason for the PROPER should always be included in the NFO.


… art can [become unusual, surprising, &c.] only by tapping into classical, mythological, and religious traditions and breaking its connection with the banality of everyday experience. The successful (and deservedly so) mass cultural image production of our age concerns itself with attacks by aliens, myths of apocalypse and redemption, heroes endowed with superhuman powers, and so forth. All of this is certainly fascinating and instructive. Once in a while, though, one would like to be able to contemplate and enjoy something normal, something ordinary, something banal as well. ... In life, on the other hand, only the extraordinary is presented to us as a possible object of our admiration.


A recode is a previously released version, usually filtered to remove subtitles, fix color &c. Whilst they can look better, it is frowned upon in the scene as groups are expected to obtain their own sources. … Re-encodes typically don't work or produce questionable results because you cannot turn a “bad” source into a good one by playing with numbers.


In truth, our “sense of reality” never remains but a modality restricted to this “sense of the possible that is the faculty with which to think of all that could be ‘as well,’ and with which to no longer accord importance to everything which is of that which is not” (Musil, The Man Without Qualities). Under commercial employment, the truth that is the most concrete over all else is that of its infinite substitutability. … All situations where we find ourselves engaged, carry in their equivalence the infinitely repeated mark of an irrevocable “as if”.

Dupe is quite simply, if something exists already, then there's no reason for it to exist again without proper reason.

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