Sunday, October 3, 2010

julien prévieux

julien prévieux is an artist who lives and works in paris , france. in addition to an interesting 1998 series called pendu(hang) in which he hangs off of things in different places. he made his own 120 minute re-worked version of the 1999 james bond movie “the world is not enough” . his version completed in 2004 , entitled the "world is not enough", added a completely new set of effects to the Bond movie : each shot was enhanced by additional explosions, flames, smoke, torrents of water and avalanches. he has said that he tried with his version , to reveal " a second rhythm which is no longer that of its narrative, but the rhythm of its new effects." his reworkings of reality can be found here

[ from "the world is not enough" : from pendu(hang) :from "the world is not enough" : from pendu(hang) ]