Sunday, October 3, 2010

farrell brickhouse

i knew farrell from days spent on the street in front of my studio at 65 w bway - everybody on the block knew farrell. he was quite a painter and not only did he have great tales about belushi the rest of the saturday night live cast descending on the block to have a snowy evening - but he had beaten our landlord out of paying rent and had won an extraordinary terms from him with his electric persitance - he got to live there. west broadway between murray and warren became farrell's block. i can still hear him screaming from half a block away at my brother because he had beeped his horn for me up on the 3rd floor. he was right. farrell , who is still an amazing painter , moved to warmer pasteurs on staten island several years ago - the block misses him - but i just came across some images of him - and the studio during his west broadway days and his presence came rushing back - and realized he is also quite a photographer and collector of photos more from farrell's "book of sources" album can be found here