Monday, October 4, 2010

H e l l o H e l l o

H e l l o E v e r y o n e -

I hope you are all good. 

I will be guest-blogging here for one week starting right now.

I am going to explain what I will do, and what my intentions are.

I want to slow things down a little. 

Go offline a little.

Go and wander around and see what can be discovered (uncovered).

And then put that discovery (uncovery?) online, right here, and let it re-circulate.

Let me get to the point.

With some guidance from a friend, David Senior, who is a librarian at the Museum of Modern Art New York Library, I have browsed through Moma's library collection with the goal of finding seven publications. For each publication I will make simple snap-shot documentation photographs in the library, and post the images here, with a link to the publication's call number in the library's database. One publication each day for the entire week.

The publications will be mostly photo-related (or at-least, contain photography), and will ideally be published material that I have never seen before in person, or did not even know existed. 

By photographing them and posting the images, I am re-circulating evidence that they exist. I hope that people may go and find them (or something else), since these do exist in a publicly accessible archive. Anyone can go to the Moma library and look at the collection. It's free (and if you are sneaky, you can sneak right into the museum without paying after visiting the library).

That's it.

The first post will be coming sometime later today.

Thank You and I Hope You are Having a Good Day,

- D a v i d