Friday, September 3, 2010

Spirit Surfers

My day of featuring fellow artists who go that extra mile by incorporating a third part to their name is coming to a close. This last post, while diverging from the theme, is nonetheless about a collective effort. Being part of POC has helped me to further appreciate the group mind and the profound impact it can have on its participants. Which brings me to Spirit Surfers.

It is hard to sum up an effort like Spirit Surfers but one word that comes instantly to mind is brilliant. The digital work of these "INFOmonks" is nothing short of cutting edge. While remaining anonymous, a very web-savvy thing to do indeed, much of the work featured here appears to be generated by the web, re-appropriated, only to be featured solely on the web once more, or as they put it, "Let the boon be the made, for the wake to unmake." I am tempted to call them modern day Dadaists, though I wonder if they would take kindly to my rear view perspective. With the site being progressive to the utmost I imagine they are always forward leaning.

Thank you for the opportunity to share some of my current and past favorites with you all. Onward.
- Justin James Reed

Work by Spirit Surfers. See more here.

[All Spirit Surfers. Top to bottom: INFOpruner; Ace; sounder2]