Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some Questions - Off The Record

These answers were given to me off the record by an artist who eventually conceded to having me post them anonymously. They were too good to not.

In your experience, how has the Internet changed the way that art is discussed, displayed, curated, experienced, or distributed?

What are your opinions on the idea of the Internet as replacement for critique space? As replacement for museum or gallery? Jpeg as replacement for physical art object? Tumblr as replacement for curation?

For the first, I'd say something to the effect of not being a practicing artist before the Internet was a major tool. So I don't really know what has changed, it seems like a historical question, like, what was the impact of movable type. I could guess, but I didn't really live through the transition, so I didn't have to adapt, and thus, it's an abstract question in my case.

And for the second, I don't know what a "critique space" is, nor do I know what "Tumblr" is. Museums seem to be adopting the Internet, using online venues, so these are being integrated, so rather than it being a question of displacement, seems like it's a question of how the integration is happening. And jpegs, well it could be a subset of a certain medium, perhaps a medium on its own, but we will always need to engage with physical objects, on which the plastic arts will have some purchase. We won't be in some sort of soma haze, using VR goggles or anything, anytime soon. Sounds a bit like O.W. Holmes in the 1870's, saying that we don't need to preserve objects anymore, and no one will travel, because the stereograph will make the tangible obsolete (he says something like, "burn it down, toss it out, if you like"). I don't think things are ever fully displaced, they just change form a bit, get renamed.