Monday, August 30, 2010

guest blogger • POC north america

POC - standing for “piece of cake” - is made up of young artists whose preferred medium is photography. the group’s raison d’être is to enable the artists to interact as they create, produce and distribute their works.

POC north america is timothy briner, kelli connell, matthew gamber, william lamson, john mann, christian patterson, cara phillips, birthe piontek, justin james reed, stefan ruiz, will steacy, amy stein, bill sullivan, brian ulrich, and ofer wolberger.

please welcome them as this week's guest bloggers. and see more of POC here.

[all POC. top to bottom: matthew gamber, alice, from the brady bunch, 2006. john mann, untitled (ocean), from folded in place. bill sullivan, untitled. ofer wolberger, on the beach, pensacola, florida.]