Saturday, April 3, 2010

pierre leguillon presents diane arbus

'pierre leguillon presents diane' arbus is an exhibition that includes hundreds of photos from abrus's days as a commercial photographer in the '60s and 70s. "all arbus’ photos are shown in their original social and political context, in the pages of original magazines...the retrospective, which was put together by the french artist pierre leguillon and is presented as a work of art/exhibition/collection, also encourages us to reflect on these aspects and on the relationship between the original and the copy." read more about the project here.

[all from the project pierre leguillon presents diane arbus. top to bottom: people who think they look like other people ("nova" october 1969, pp. 66–71). installation view at the kadist art foundation, paris. familial colloquies ("esquire" july 1965, pp. 54–57.). photos copyright the estate of diane arbus.]