Thursday, February 25, 2010

red caballo

"the photographic series entitled augustus, by spanish photographer duo “red caballo” (maria cavaller and marc roig blesa), occupies a significant place in the ongoing tradition of exchange between photography and the human body—a body that red caballo has been photographing for the last five years, in the month of august only (a period corresponding, in the northern hemisphere, to the summer holidays). the two photographers confined their activity to the european union, including its recent eastern members. sharing a single camera on a shoulder strap, they concentrated on tourist spots (in italy, the UK, romania, bulgaria, hungary…) for this "project in progress", as a result of which the EU became a homogenous territorial and cultural entity with a collective identity—in visual terms at least—for the duration of the summer." see more here.

[all red caballo. from the series augustus.]