Tuesday, December 8, 2009

marjolijn dijkman

marjolijn dijkman's '2 banana boxes' project. as she explains: "2 banana boxes full of slides F10,-(is about 4,5 euro) this message was published in a local newspaper. it appeared to be a collection of 2600 slides which showed a portrait of a women photographed by her husband from 1951 to 1986. on every slide the date, place and the names of people of the slides were noted. this man took pictures of his wife and their life (houses, party's, journeys, his working space etc.) from the beginning of their relationship until the end. after a long period of researching this collection i made a selection of all the slides with photographs of the women on her journeys. she is constantly moving away from the camera and in a way wandering around through space and time." see more here.

[all marjolijn dijkman. 2 banana boxes. from a slideshow of 88 slides. 2000.]