Wednesday, March 11, 2009

kristin posehn

kristin posehn's fascinating metropolis project. as she explains "metropolis was founded in 1910 as a planned city in nevada, usa. a group of investors incorporated as the pacific reclamation company purchased 40,000 acres of remote, high desert land. the land was to be partially irrigated and resold for farming. a one-mile square city plan was laid out with modern conveniences rare in the rural west, including sidewalks, electricity, and two showpiece buildings. for the settlers who invested in metropolis, these two splendid multi-storey brick structures embodied the security of their family’s future. the pacific reclamation company had an acute business sense, and used every means at its disposal to cultivate an image of metropolis as a desirable, modern, fertile and permanent settlement. metropolis was promoted heavily throughout the western states and canada via advertising, a brochure and newspaper. the company built a dam and reservoir with plans to irrigate 30,000 acres; negotiated with the southern pacific railroad to build an extension from the transcontinental railroad into metropolis; and maintained an onsite demonstration farm with luxuriant crops of oats, apples, corn, beans, beets and so on. a sagebrush standing six feet high, with a trunk the size of a small tree, was proudly displayed in the offices of the company as testament to the astonishing fertility of the soil. settlers, many with no prior experience in farming, moved their families across the country on the company’s promises of wealth and prosperity. however, all was not as it seemed...." read/see more about the project right here.

[all kristin posehn. from the series metropolis. 2008.]