Friday, March 20, 2009

in real life

This weekend's IRL activities outlined for you below. Come by, say hello, have some fun!

At Capricious Space
103 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211
(between Bedford and Berry)

Saturday 21 March

Platform For Pedagogy

Platform for Pedagogy will make themselves available to gallery visitors for casual conversation. Near the end of their residency they will deliver a formal two-part talk. The first will be an incomplete historical overview of public lectures in New York City; the second will attempt to locate an immaterial, networked subject in the phantom audience of the lecture hall.

Amani Olu and Jon Feinstein will be replicating their daily process of running Humble Arts Foundation. This will include live editing, design, and curatorial practice for all of their online projects, as well as a steady dose of g-chatting.

Sunday 22 March


Danny Snelson will give a functional tutorial of online archiving. He, along with a few other members of UbuWeb's international network, will present digitization strategies in a variety of media for the benefit of would-be bootleggers and the technologically curious alike. Meanwhile, an artist-curated selection of sound and video from the archive will be enjoyed.


No one can be sure exactly what Loshadka will do for their 4 hours in the gallery.

Full details about IN REAL LIFE here.