Saturday, March 28, 2009

in real life closes today

Today is your last chance ever to experience the thrill ride that is IN REAL LIFE. Come by the gallery, lots of great stuff happening all day. See you there...

Saturday 28 March

Art Fag City

James Turrell and Alice Aycock Face off on Google Maps! Which artist has the largest number of public sculptures? Art Fag City will pit artist James Turrell and Alice Aycock against one another, readers searching for works captured on Google Maps. At the end of the day a map locating the sculptures will be posted to the blog, as well as a Twitter word visualization of commentary during the competition. Wikipedia results for the two artists will also be updated. May the most archivable artist win!

(This project was inspired by a series of posts by Greg Allen on Richard Serra sculptures located on Google Maps).


With Mylinh Nguyen sitting in the gallery and David Horvitz chatting live from Golden Age in Chicago, ASDF will make available an ephemeral show of 48 artists existing for only 4 hours. Each art work will be available, one at a time, for only 5 minutes. The works will be sized to print and available for download (also including instructions so that viewers may print the works using basic consumer technologies). After the 4 hours are up all the original files will be deleted.

Closing Party

Let’s celebrate. We'll be projecting documentation from the exhibition, drinking beer, and overall having fun. Join us!

At Capricious Space
103 Broadway Brooklyn, NY 11211
(between Bedford and Berry)

Full details about IN REAL LIFE here.