Sunday, November 16, 2008

christina seely

work from christina seely's 'lux' project documenting the artificial glow produced by major cities in the united states, western europe, and japan. "this project is inspired by the disconnect between the immense beauty produced by man-made light and the complexity of what this light represents....for most of human history, man-made light has signified hope and progress within local and global arenas. in this project, light also paradoxically denotes regression or transgression--an index of the complex negative human impacts on the health and future of the planet." see more here.

[all christina seely. from the series lux. top to bottom: metropolis 48°52’N2°19’E (paris). metropolis 35°00’N135°45’E (kyoto). metropolis 35°10’N136°50’E (nagoya).]