Tuesday, October 14, 2008

joachim schmid

thanks to a handful of people who wrote yesterday after i posted shane's 'crush' series from 2007, reminding us of joachim schmid's similiar 'cyberspaces' project (seen above) from 2004.

kevin wrote: "i'm not trying to raise a complaint about plagiarism or authorship of work, simply i find it interesting to learn about two different people doing the same project at different times, and the later appears to not know about it. to me it seems somewhat redundant, and it is a shame to have to say "so and so got there first" but in this situation it looks as if schmid was ahead of the game. it would be different if each artist was making a different statement, but the images from each person could easily be from the same project, so it makes me wonder about validity and 'credit'."

what are other people's thoughts here? comment below...

[all joachim schmid. 2004. top to bottom: cyberspace #32. cyberspace #18. cyberspace #22.]