Thursday, September 11, 2008

jon sasaki

work by jon sasaki. the top two from are from 'monochrome light' an exhibiton lit by a single light fixture that emitted just one wavelenght of color. "people and objects in the gallery space appeared to be sepia-toned monochrome, recalling cinema from the '40s and '50s. an arrangement of colourfield painting bookplates was pinned to the wall directly beneath the fixture, and from which all colour was drained." the bottom two are from 'black light thrift store' which jon explains as "a one day intervention in a salvation army thrift store in downtown toronto. the store's regular lighting fixtures were replaced with CSI-style ultraviolet lights, which highlighted lint, spills, stains on the used garments." you see more of his work here. thanks to michael for the link.

[all jon sasaki. 2007. top two: monochrome light. bottom two: black light thrift store.]