Friday, August 15, 2008

christopher williams

work by christopher williams. see more here.

[all christopher williams. top: kiev mc arsat (zodiak-8) 30mm f3.5, 1:3.5, product aperature f/3.5, serial number 870701, medium format camera lens, douglas m. parker studio, glendale, california. august 4, 2005. middle: brochure for eacia 1300i, eacia 1300: licenced model of the renault 12. 1289 cm3, 39.7 kw, 142 km/h max speed. first presented simultaneously at the expozitia realizarilor economiei nationale, bukarest, and at the aondial de la automobile, paris (as renault 12) in 1969. produced 1969-21.7.2004 at uzina de autoturisme, pitesti, romania. spare parts being produced until 2014 in mioveni, romania. (on july 2, 1999, renault bought 51% of dacia) douglas m. parker studio, glendale, california august 5, 2005. bottom: kodak three point reflection guide, © 1968 eastman kodak company, 1968. (corn) douglas m. parker studio, glendale, california, april 17, 2003.]