Tuesday, May 27, 2008

megan sullivan

megan sullivan's 'david kennedy archive.' the paintings are made from media photos of JFK's nephew who died at age 29 of an overdose in a luxury hotel in palm beach in 1984. "today the figure of david kennedy has grown obsolete except for a few photographs circulating in the internet, collected anonymously on a website by a still-devoted fan...sullivan tries to subjectively relate to the person in the grainy snapshots, and shows more than anything an often hounded, sometimes broken-glamorous media figure." see more here.

[all megan sullivan. from the series dead kennedy archive. top: david leaving xenon in new york – paparazzi in tow - october 4, 1982. middle: menagerie david picture frame. bottom: david arriving with a date at club 21 in new york for his brother michael's engagement party – 9/13/80.]