Monday, January 7, 2008

steven hirsch

steven hirsch's project love thy neighbor portrays the homes of new york state registered sex offenders. the captions (below) describe each offender's crime and punishment. as ina becker has written about this work: "steven hirsch documents the surface. the image becomes a catalyst to the at times uncomfortable emotional experience the viewer brings to seeing. our projections become superimposed on the visual image." see the full series here.

[all steven hirsch. from the series love thy neighbor. top: male • d.o.b. october 15, 1966 • immediately and physically overpowered and sexually abused in the 1st degree a 69 year old female • convicted september 29, 1988 • sentenced to 42 months to 7 years in state prison. middle: male • d.o.b. june 16, 1957 • engaged in oral and anal sexual conduct without consent with a 13 year old male • convicted november 8 2004 • sentenced to 210 days in jail. bottom: male • d.o.b. march 3, 1947 • youth group leader • sodomized in the 2nd degree an 11 year old male • convicted june 30, 2002 • sentenced to 16 months to 4 years in state prison.]