Saturday, January 26, 2008

5 things • wyne veen

i like the strange feeling you get from looking at wyne veen's photos. it made me curious to hear what her 5 most favorite things in the world might be. you can see a previous post about wyne's work here and even more stuff here.

1/ animated gifs

i like animated gifs a lot. i think i've seen every single one on the world wide web. these are some of my favorites.

2/ david shrigley's bonnie prince billy video

i also enjoy playing ping pong, on the computer and especially in real life. you can see a post about david's photos here and see more of his stuff right here.

3/ tv5

i like to hear the french tv channel tv5 in the background while working. they have nice and strange movies and they repeat them the next day, so it's good for learning french.

4/ miltos manetas painting

this is a painting by miltos manetas. he is involved in a thing called neen and likes to play with words. 'neen' is a bit of a weird way to say 'no' in dutch. it's ancient and formal. when i used to ask my father a question he would always enthusiastically answer by directing me to the dictionary...something which i am only now slowly beginning to appreciate. this is the second piece of art i would like to own. the first is a big dutch vanitas painting, it doesn't really matter which one but there should be flowers in it.

5/ charles bukowski

charles bukowski books and poems, they make you feel really relaxed about your life. unfortunately he's dead, but there is a nice documentary about him called 'born into this.' he has some foxy ex-girlfriends.