Tuesday, December 11, 2007

unrealised projects

this is such a wonderful idea: the unrealised projects website. it's an archive of unfinished and unrecognized ideas by artists, designers, curators and writers that will forever be unfulfilled. it was started in 2003 by sam ely and lynn harris. and as they have written, "the project aims to create a space and context for this submitted and collected information, a space where concepts are at the fore, are not fixed in a final product and rely on the viewer's imagination to be 'realised', making the reading of a project both an active and empowering way to understand a work's subtleties." have fun looking around here.

[all from the unrealised projects website. top to bottom: james porter. per hüttner (from his project to produce a suite of large scale photographic images in the mojave desert loosely based on géricault's famous painting 'the raft of medusa'). ruth höflich.]